Who we are

Our Mission

“An organisation can never be a true parent, however it can apply the values and principles of good parenting. Our aim is to achieve this through promoting an awareness of a young person’s perspective, and by never losing sight, within the ‘big picture’, of the small actions that make a real difference to young children’s daily lives.”

Our History

Timeout is an independent family run organisation. We specialise in 1:1 care in both solo and dual occupancy homes, and re-engaging learning in our specialist schools. We offer therapeutic care, therapy and education; a holistic view of the child forms the basis of our practice. Our ethos is based on a systemic approach to promoting the child’s emotional well-being.

We opened our first Timeout Home in 2004 and we have organically grown the organisation over the past 15 years, carefully ensuring that we can always provide security for the services that we offer. Timeout now has 16 homes: 10 in the North West and 6 in West Yorkshire and two SEMH specialist schools educating children in Key stages 1,2 & 3. We have mirrored this organic growth in the development of our culture, our people and model of care, this has seen many landmark moments in our development to deliver the highest quality of care required to make a difference.

Our People

Our culture and identity is built from our people and the teams they develop together. It is the development of the teams around a child in education or care that is vital to achieving the best possible outcomes for the children we care for. Our people provide the children we care for with the chance to rebuild and reclaim their childhood. It is our responsibility to ensure that the necessary knowledge and skills are developed to support the quality of practice.

Team Structure

At Timeout we aim to develop teams around each child to support and nurture their recovery from early life trauma and neglect. To achieve this we only provide a minimum of 1 to 1 care for each of our children in our care. Communication is a key element of how we support each other to respond, improve and understand the needs of the children. Our teams are encouraged to trust each other, be open and display vulnerability. This allows our teams to develop the support structure required for the resilient nature of the tasks we are required to do. Whilst we have the teams around the child they all form part of the larger Timeout family which help and support each other when needed. It is the support from each other that allows us to make a real difference to childrens lives.

Quote Mark

What Our
People Say...

"I have worked for Timeout for 8 months and I love my new career. Every day is a different challenge but it is such a rewarding experience. The company cares about you and fully supports your journey with Timeout."

Therapeutic Carer

"I'm "new" here, having come back to work for Timeout after several years away gallivanting around Wales and France and as soon as I came back I realised how much I missed working here. The young people are lovely, if challenging at times, and the staff team is great too. I have made friends for life here. But the best thing about working in Timeout is the fact that you are making a real and positive difference in the lives of some vulnerable young people. THAT is what makes me come to work with a smile on my face."

Therapeutic Carer

"I chose to apply to Timeout as I liked the values and the ethos of the company and right from my first visit it was evident these underpin everything Timeout does. I like how varied the work at Timeout is and how everyone, regardless of their job role, wants to achieve the best for the children. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere makes everyday enjoyable even through the challenges"

Clinical Psychologist

"I love working for Timeout, it really feels as though i am part of something. Not only with the extremely rewarding work that they do, but the family feel through out the entire business. The company really want everyone to succeed through their own personal development and are extremely supportive with this"

Therapeutic Carer

"Timeout is a fantastic place to work and I feel very much part of the Timeout family. I feel very secure in my job and see myself being part of the team for many years to come"


"I have been within Timeout for over three years now, which I have been supported and guided to work up within the company. Timeout have a great professional development platform which allows you to see clearly how to develop your skills, knowledge and work up through the company. I have found this extremely helpful and from using that as a guide I have developed from a Therapeutic Carer to Senior and now a Homes Manager. I feel Timeout is a fantastic company to work for and they hold good values which are fundamental within the care we provide for our children"

Registered Manager

"I have been with timeout for 12 months now and really enjoyed my time here. The work is hard and challenging, but also rewarding. The staff are great to work with and readily available to help you with any problems if they can. The Managers and Senior Managers are great to work for/with, and are fair and understanding"

Maintenance Manager

"I loved working for Timeout. I felt well supported by the full company, the training on offer is excellent and really supported me to gain further knowledge and feel confident in my role"

Therapeutic carer

"The support offered by Timeout is the main reason why this is such a good company to work for. You’re always learning whether that is through direct training or on the job"

Senior Therapeutic Carer

"I have worked at Timeout for nearly 5 years. In that time I have been given opportunities and provided with support to progress within my career. Although it comes with its challenges, I enjoy coming to work and seeing the differences we are making to children’s life’s. I enjoy working for a family run business who have excellent values and are constantly aiming to improve"